Family Camping – Thousand Trails Chehalis

This Memorial Day weekend we braved the grey weather and went camping at the Chehalis Thousand Trails Campground. This is quite a large campground, and when we stay here, we like to camp in the very first loop. It has water and electric hook-ups, but it’s quite woodsy and rustic. For some reason, not many people stay in this loop, and this weekend we had it all to ourselves. It was awesome because the kids had plenty of room to run and play.


Connor loves to “help”. This is the face he gave when he was told not to play with things on the trailer. I also woke up one morning to find someone’s little fingers had turned the knob on the fridge, adjusting the temperature, and everything was slightly frozen. These are just a few of the hazards of camping with young children!


We chose to stay at this park, because a few weeks prior to Memorial Day weekend, our whole family thought it would be fun to go camping, and this was the only place that had anything available. If I did my math right, there were about 13 adults and 14 kids (ranging in age from babies to teenagers). I hardly saw Jenna at all this weekend as she was off playing with her cousins for most of the day!


When we go camping, we don’t bring very many toys for the kids. Inside the trailer I have coloring books, movies, and a few small toys in case the weather is too stormy to be outside. For outside toys, we keep this little golf set in our trailer.

IMG_20150525_081436280Connor decided the clubs work well at attempting to chop down trees too!


The campground has outdoor pools for kids and adults. They were in the process of chlorinating the family pool, so we got to swim in the adult pool. It was quite convenient as the adult pool is located just a short distance from our campsite! The kids loved swimming even though it was cold outside.


There is also a little golf course just a short walk from our campsite. They are in the process of repairing the course, so it was a bit unsafe for little kids. Jenna was playing on one of the repaired holes in this picture, but if you look at where Connor is, the surface is covered in slippery moss and the bricks are falling off. He slipped and fell a couple of times. It didn’t matter what condition the course was in for the kids though. They absolutely loved going down to play golf!

There is also a playground and a family game room further up in the park. When you check in to camp, you receive a schedule of the different activities they have going on for the week. Uncle Brian took the kids on the “hay ride” and they loved it.

IMG_20150525_092111171And never underestimate the entertainment value of a simple dump truck and a pile of pine needles!


We camped from Friday night until Monday morning. There was no internet or cell service at our campsite. We stayed up late roasting marshmallows and smelling of campfire smoke. We woke up early to the sounds of birds chirping and excited kids ready to get out and play. We got to spend quality time with moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Overall it was a great camping trip!


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