Hiking at Grandpa Pugh’s

I decided it was time to get the kids out and ready for hiking this summer, so we started off in familiar territory. I took them hiking up into the woods where I grew up. I used to spend hours playing with my siblings, cousins, and faithful dog Casey.


We started at my mom’s house and hiked up to the very top of the old logging road. On the way we had to stop to inspect rocks, climb gravel piles, and be reminded not to get near the electric fence about a million times. I shouldn’t worry quite so much, because it will probably only take them touching it once to learn that lesson!


No matter how short of a hike you plan on taking, always bring snacks! We weren’t even halfway through the hike when Jenna wanted to turn around to go back because she was hungry. Graham crackers to the rescue!


This was a great hike for the kids. I was proud of Jenna for knowing almost all of the names of the different flowers we found along the way. We saw buttercups, dandelions, daisies, scotch broom, and a few I don’t know. I also taught the kids a few names of trees, and we had sword fights with sword ferns.



On the way back, we stopped to take a break in the orchard. The grass was filled with wildflowers and was just beautiful!

We traveled 0.83 miles and it took us a total time of 58:14 (with a moving time of (42:39). Our average speed for the hike was 0.85 mph. We did have to climb a lot of steep hills and travel through grass that was taller than Connor, so that contributed to the slow pace a little.

Overall, we had a great hike and didn’t get eaten by bears or cougars!


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