Portland Rose Festival Fleet Week

Friday morning I decided to try something new with the kids and head into the big city. The ships were in town for the Rose Festival Fleet Week and I love new opportunities. Cory even surprised all of us by getting the day off of work so he could come with us!


We left our car at the park and ride near the racetrack so Connor could FINALLY get to ride on a train. He asks almost every day when he can ride on a train, and for only $10 (kids under 7 are free) we were able to purchase all day tickets to ride the MAX. Riding the train totally made his day, and he would have been happy to ride it all around the city and not do anything else!


We arrived at the waterfront around 10:30 am and the line was LONG. We waited in line for a little over an hour and a half. In order to do the tour, you need your ID and then you have to go through security screening, so make sure you don’t bring ANY weapons with you!


They had someone driving around the little remote-controlled robots and that helped keep the kids entertained for a bit while waiting in line.


The kids were disappointed when they found out they didn’t get to actually help drive the ships…


If you are planning on doing the ship tour in the future, keep in mind these ships are not designed to be kid and baby safe! I made Connor hold my hand the entire time because he could have easily fallen overboard many times. There are also very steep stair-ladders that you have to climb up and down, so no strollers can come on board.

PicMonkey Collage

The kids got to climb into a helicopter and explore a little bit, so that helped ease their earlier disappointment of not getting to pilot the ship!


We were able to tour all of the ships that were there. I don’t remember much about them as I was answering a million questions from the kids instead of listening to our tour guide. Highly important questions like, “What is that bird swimming in the water called?” and “Why is the wind blowing?”

After we were done with the tour, we walked up the street a few blocks and had lunch at Charlie’s Deli. Don’t let the lack of ambiance fool you… The food was AMAZING! I ordered the Club Sandwich Triple Decker and it was so huge I ended up eating it for two meals. All of the employees were genuinely friendly and really helpful. It’s a great place to go!

Overall we had a good time… I wasn’t very fond of the intense heat and the amount of time it ended up taking. I think the kids would get more out of it if they were a little bit older, but they had fun, and it only cost gas money to drive there, tickets for the MAX, and lunch money. That makes for a pretty cheap day out!


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