Riding the Rails


Tuesday night Connor’s dreams came true and he FINALLY got to ride on a real train. I’m not exaggerating when I say that he asks almost every single day to ride on a train!

The BNSF railroad hosted an event for first responders and their families as a way to say thank you for the services they provide to the community. I have a lot of respect for the time, effort, and money this company put into the evening’s festivities. They did a great job putting everything together and gave us a wonderful night together as a family.


There were a lot of people on the train, so we had to walk through several cars before finding a spot to sit. Connor brought smiles to many faces as he walked through every car in his little engineer hat saying “All aboard! Choo Choo!” in a sing-song voice.


While on the train, the kids got paper engineer hats, a rubber train pencil topper, and coloring books. We were also served hot dogs, chips, and drinks. Throughout the ride, the employees would periodically bring snacks out for everyone and worked hard to make sure we were having a great time.

There was also a clown in one of the cars that did face painting and balloon animals. We avoided taking the kids there, and after watching other parents being hit in the head over and over by balloon swords, and then hearing disappointed cries when the balloons inevitably popped, I’d say we made a wise decision!


We rode the train from Vancouver up along the Columbia River to Stevenson and then back to Vancouver. It was a gorgeous ride! We experienced crossing over a few bridges and went through two different train tunnels. Very exciting for little kids!


There were several different styles of cars available to sit in, and we ended up in a dining car. It worked out perfectly because the kids had a table to eat dinner at instead of trying to balance it in their laps. That would have been a disaster waiting to happen!

You were free to move about the entire train and explore, so Cory took the kids for a walk while I relaxed and enjoyed the scenery.


The train was delayed because of an Amtrak train running behind schedule, so we were out quite a bit later than anticipated. This is Jenna towards the end of our ride showing me her train ticket. I think it was around 10pm by this time and WAY past both kids’ bedtime!


When we got off of the train, the railroad employees handed out wooden train whistles to all of the kids. They were certainly spoiled on this trip!


We had such a great time and the kids are already asking when we get to ride on the train again!


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