Science: Flowers

This week in science we are studying flowers. We spent part of the week out-of-town visiting family, so I kept this week’s lesson very simple.


I let the kids go out into the flower beds to collect a sample of all the different flowers they could find. This was a special treat for them because the rule at our house is they are only allowed to pick “flowers” that grow in the grass, such as daisies, dandelions, and buttercups.


Jenna insisted on wearing her engineer’s hat she got on our train excursion the previous night. I suppose one of the many perks of homeschooling is being able to wear whatever suits your fancy at the time… I have many pictures of her doing school dressed up as Disney princesses!


It was a really hot day, so after collecting our flowers, we brought them inside to inspect. I made a “chart” for Connor to record what he found. He loves being included in all of our experiments and he was trying to write the word flower on his paper.


Jenna sorted all of her flowers by color and then we made a chart to show what colors of flowers she found and she illustrated her favorites. If I were to do this again, I would also have her record the number of flowers she found in each color. Then she drew pictures of the bugs that we saw on the flowers. The four small dots at the top of the page are tiny little bugs that were crawling everywhere. Ew.


When we finished recording the flowers on the chart, we looked at them under our microscope. The kids LOVE discovering what objects look like close up! The above picture is of the pollen on the flower petals. I especially loved the colors and textures on this particular flower.

lavendarThis is a picture of some lavender that we picked and we were surprised to find a bug crawling around! It was too small for us to see when looking at the flower without the microscope. I was a little creeped out because every flower we looked at, we found bugs crawling around where we didn’t expect them to be!

After inspecting under the microscope, we spent time smelling the different flowers, and then picking off their petals and counting them. Just simple flower fun.


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