Bridal Veil Falls

I’ve been wanting to hike to some of the waterfalls along the Gorge, but didn’t look forward to the long drive. I finally decided it was time to just do it, so I plugged in the DVD player in the car (reserved only for long trips), and we drove off to find another adventure!


This was a new hike for me, and I’m glad we arrived somewhat early in the morning as the parking lot seemed to fill up quickly for a weekday! Somehow it’s become a tradition on our hikes to always take a picture of the kids on a bridge.


This wasn’t a difficult hike, but it was a bit of a change from our previous flat hikes that we’ve done. On the way to the waterfall you have to hike down several switchbacks and traverse a couple of bridges and sets of stairs. Most definitely not a stroller friendly hike!


This is a picture of the waterfall from the viewing point at the top of the stairs… And some random man posing for a picture on the rocks below. While it wasn’t a crowded hike, there were quite a lot of people there.


The random man from the previous picture was nice enough to take a picture for us.


We ate our lunches down by the creek, and I don’t think there is anything better than creek-side dining on PB&J sandwiches while enjoying the roar of a waterfall.


My cute little hiking buddies. They absolutely love the outdoors and adventuring to new places. They were really excited because I told them they could touch the water. It’s the little things in life.


The hike was short but fun. It was only 0.58 miles round-trip and we had a total moving time of 21:01 – trucking along at an average speed of 1.66 mph. The worst part of the hike was the fact that there is poison oak along the trails. I have had multiple bad experiences with poison oak and generally avoid any hiking near the wretched plant. The kids were constantly being warned to not touch any plants during the hike, and we all seemed to make it out safely!


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