Multnomah Falls

After our hike to Bridal Veil falls, we drove down the scenic highway to go see Multnomah Falls. It’s a very pretty drive, and you pass several more waterfalls and trailheads on the way. When we got to the parking area that is directly by the falls, every single spot was filled. At one point I had my turn signal on and was attempting to park in a newly vacated space, when an inconsiderate person sped into the space ahead of me.

I may or may not have had a few things to say about that situation.

We ended up having to drive to the end of the scenic highway (disappointing my two passengers because they thought we missed the waterfall), then drove down 84 towards Portland. There is a parking lot situated between the lanes of the highway, and we were able to easily find a spot there. Much to my children’s relief!


The kids thought the giant waterfall was great, but there were just massive crowds of people there. As we were walking on one of the trails, a lady asked me if it was blueberries growing on the bushes because she wanted to eat them. I kindly explained to her that what she wanted to eat was most definitely not a blueberry (or a huckleberry) and could very well be poisonous. Then I advised her not to snack on any of the plants she found. City kids! Hopefully she didn’t collect any of the poison oak we found later on the trail!


Just past the viewing bridge there is a tiny little cave in the rocks that the kids loved hiding and climbing in.


I wasn’t sure how far up the hill their little legs would go considering we had just completed another hike, but they made it just beyond the 1/2 mile marker before wanting to turn around!


I made Connor hold my hand on the way down the hill. It was way past nap-time and I knew he was getting worn out and didn’t want him to stumble. After explaining to him over and over as to why he was holding my hand, he insisted on letting go about twenty feet from the end of the hike, and promptly fell and skinned his knee.


Because we didn’t hike to the very top of the trail, we only traveled 1.27 miles altogether with an average moving speed of 1.24 mph. This was my absolute least favorite hike and don’t desire to do it again for quite some time. The switchbacks leading to the top of the trail are steep on the edges, and so many people were rude and inconsiderate about the fact that small children were hiking on the trail. We passed a couple who were intent on walking side-by-side down the narrow trail, leaving almost no room for us to walk up the hill. I had the kids walk on the uphill side even when that meant they were on the left-hand side of the trail, because when they weren’t, people were running down the trail and almost knocking them over at times. Whenever I hike, if there are hikers passing by that are kids or elderly, I always offer them the safety of the uphill side of the trail. I guess tourists are just not that considerate.


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