Family Camping – The Cove Palisades

Last week we hauled the trailer across the mountain to go camping at The Cove Palisades campground. We try to make our reservations 9 months in advance as this is a popular place to go and fills up quickly!

PicMonkey Collage2

One of the first things we did when we arrived at camp was let the kids ride their bikes. We were camped in a great area with almost no traffic, and Jenna was thrilled to finally have a flat spot to do some bike riding on!


We got to the lake early to secure a good spot that would have both sun and shade later in the day. We almost always camp at the upper campground (Crooked River), but when it’s time to spend the day at the lake, we drive over to the day use area next to the Deschutes campground. I’m sure there is a bit of tradition behind this decision as it’s where we’ve always gone since I was a kid, but it’s also because the day use area next to the Crooked River campground has a horrible problem with being overrun by duck poop.

PicMonkey Collage

Cory brought his raft and we spent hours paddling around in the swim area. The kids did a great job learning how to paddle on their own!


When the kids wanted a break from swimming, we had shovels and buckets for building castles in the sand at the edge of the lake.


We had our usual visit from the overweight squirrels at the lake. These poor creatures live off a diet of discarded picnic food and are VERY brave. Make sure you keep all of your food secure or they will get into it!


We camped from Sunday through Friday, so we had ample time to fit in more activities than just spending the day at the lake. We spent one morning hiking to the top of the plateau via the Tam-A-Lau trail.


I tried to not look like a complete dork while biking through the high desert. I was a little freaked out after seeing a snake (most likely a rattlesnake) slither off the trail right in front of me!


Cory joined me for our ride through somewhat non-existent trails.


We watched beautiful sunsets…


…And had to get creative when we realized nobody had brought chocolate bars for the s’mores!


This is by far my favorite campground to go to. Besides the fact that  it is filled with memories from the yearly trips we took when I was a kid, it’s just an awesome place to go! The weather was beautiful while we were there, the campground is well taken care of with newer clean facilities, and there are plenty of things to keep everyone busy!


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