Surgery Part 5: Something to Celebrate


(January 15, 2015)

I received an email from my doctor today:

“I hope you are healing well from your recent biopsy. As you probably know, the results are benign and show a fibroadenoma. I just wanted you to know that I have been following your results and I’m happy for you.”

This was actually the first news I had gotten about my results. I’m happy to say I’m CANCER FREE!

Cory asked how I felt… I was honest with him. I felt a little nervous to be relieved. I was afraid I read the email wrong or they mixed my results with another patient’s. It’s starting to settle in now and life just feels normal again. We can breathe deep and move on.

(Added Note 7/26/2015)

It took almost 3 months before I was finally pain-free from the surgery. As I look back proof-reading these posts, it seems like a dream that happened so long ago. I am so thankful everything turned out the way it did as I know that’s not the case for so many.

I know I only experienced a small glimpse of the anxiety and pain that comes with going through something like cancer, but this experience has given me even more compassion for others. My heart is heavy knowing that the burden they bear is not only a physical one, but an emotional journey as well.

Every time I look back on the hard times in my life, I’m thankful for them. It’s during these times that my character is developed and I am required to trust God fully. It’s during these times that I am reminded of how hopeless life would be without the reassurance of Jesus Christ as my savior. To know the God who created the entire universe has my life in His hands and He is in control is all the reassurance I will ever need.


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