Science: Painting With Flowers

We’re in the middle of taking a few weeks off from school which means we haven’t done any science experiments for a while. So, I thought I’d post an activity we did in August of last year…

We were studying flowers at the time (a popular subject in our house) and I decided it would be fun to try and “paint” with flowers.


First, we went into our garden and collected flowers of various colors. Then we picked the petals off and put them in ziplock bags according to color.


After bagging the flowers, I added a bit of water, and let the kids smash them with rolling pins. When the flowers were smashed up, we used a paint brush and dipped it in the colored water to “paint” with.


The results were a bit disappointing. We ended up with a couple pale yellow splotches and a grey splotch. We didn’t even paint with the pink because it didn’t turn out. To try and remedy the less than stellar experiment, I suggested we try another way of using the flower to “paint” with.


This time, we took petals and leaves and rubbed them directly onto paper. We turned it into a bit of a game and before rubbing the flower, we would guess what color it might make.

Sometimes experiments don’t turn out quite how I imagine they will, but honestly, I don’t want to bother testing it out before I let the kids do it. Overall, the kids loved doing it and it was a perfect project for smaller kids.


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