Last week we started school, and after two days, I was ready for a break! It’s tiring for everyone trying to adjust to a new schedule, so Thursday morning I packed some pb&j and loaded the kids up in the car. They watched the Leapfrog Letter Factory video for their school lesson on the drive to Portland.

PicMonkey Collage

This was the kids’ first trip to OMSI and they LOVED it! Jenna wanted to sit down and figure things out, and Connor wanted to run from one exhibit to the next yelling about how awesome everything was.

We bought a year-long membership through Groupon earlier this summer, so I decided our first trip would mostly be just exploring everything without going into much detail. We spent about an hour exploring the exhibits (my phone sadly lost most of our pictures), and then made our way over to the 0-6 year old area.


The kids could have spent HOURS playing here! There was a giant (sparkly) sand pit…


A water area that was a big hit with Connor…


A pretend forest compete with dress-up costumes, and so much more!

(We didn’t even make it over to the shopping area and whatever exciting thing was happening in the back room!)


The pretend forest was a huge hit with both kids and they spent a majority of their time there pretending to be all of the different animals. There was an Eagle’s nest, bear and fox cave, hollowed out tree trunk for chipmunks, and a hollow log for raccoons.


On the way home, Jenna had to make an entry in her new Field Trip Journal. I made a list of questions on the front cover that need to be answered.

  1. Where did you go?
  2. What did you do?
  3. What was your favorite part?

Translation: “I went to OMSI. I did a bone puzzle. Going in the sand pit was my favorite.”

Every day Connor asks when we will go to “zoomy” again, so I know it was a big hit!


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