Nature Scavenger Hunt

I found the idea for a “Nature scavenger hunt” online and it was a fantastic and EASY activity for us!


I had saved two egg cartons, and to prepare for the hunt, I unceremoniously blobbed different colors of paint into the cups and let it dry. Very simple!

When doing this, try to think about what colors of plants, rocks, etc. you have in your area. I chose to do the majority in yellow, brown, green, red, and white. Then I made just one cup of blue, orange, and pink.


The kids each got their own carton to fill and I explained to them the goal was to find different objects out in nature that matched each of the colors. They were allowed to pick flowers out of the flowerbeds for this special occasion, and Connor was ecstatic! He ended up needing a little bit of help focusing and not just picking every single flower he found.


Here is a close-up of their discoveries… Mostly flowers and leaves, with a few rocks, bark-dust, and raspberries for good measure!


We did this activity purely for the fun of it, but you could always make it educational by asking follow-up questions after the hunt!


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