Baking with Kids – Zucchini Bread

One of my goals for school this year is to have one day a week where we work on life skills. These will be activities that we will practice together and the kids can learn everyday tasks from start to finish.

Some of the items on my list include learning how to do laundry from start to finish, grocery shopping skills, cooking, and whatever else might strike our fancy!

This last week we baked zucchini bread.


First, we went out to our garden to choose a zucchini for our bread. While we were out there, I explained the process of how the plant grows. I reminded the kids of how we planted the seeds earlier this year, and then showed them the different stages the plant goes through. They were able to see the blossoms, and the start of a zucchini growing, and then a full grown zucchini.


The recipe sheet is a picture card to help Connor be able to “read” the recipe with us. It didn’t take long to make. I simply copy and pasted my recipe into a word document, then searched for pictures of all of the separate ingredients on google. I copied, pasted, then re-sized to make it look neat. I also laminated the card (the directions are on the back).

I learned a valuable lesson through the process… Make sure it is a recipe you like before going to the trouble of making a recipe card and laminating it! This was a brand new recipe and I made substitutions and a few changes to it. The result wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t a favorite.


The kids LOVE helping me in the kitchen, so I make sure to let them do as much of the work as possible. They were greasing the bread pans for me here, and poor Jenna was blinking for the picture. This is also the last picture of the entire process that I took. Picture taking gets thrown out the window when it’s been a long week and you start making mistakes in the recipe!

Cooking in our house basically involves a lot of digging egg shells out of the cracked eggs, trying to not spill the measured ingredients before they get into the bowl, and the kids taking turns dumping ingredients into bowls and stirring.

We managed to finish the recipe without any disasters and the bread turned out decently good. It was a little mushy for my preference,  but the kids LOVED it and ate it like crazy.

My goal was to teach them about baking and where some of our food comes from. We met our goal and had a tasty treat to celebrate with!


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