MFW – Week 1

Our first week in our new curriculum went much better than I had hoped for! The day before we started, I took several hours off from regular household chores to get everything organized, laminated, and set up. I think this was the biggest reason for our success from the start!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that both our Spelling and English books are at a good level for Jenna. Most of the lessons in Language Lessons for Today are a little below her current abilities, but they are providing a great review and practice to make sure she is really solid on everything.


Science this week was really simple. We read about what science is and what scientists do in the First Encyclopedia of Science. Then we did a “floating egg” experiment. We put one egg in a glass of fresh water and one egg in a glass of saltwater. Before dropping the eggs in the water, I had the kids tell me what their hypothesis (guess) was. Would they sink or float?


After the experiment, they had to fill out their science worksheets that I made for them. We will start using this format for most of the experiments we do. Connor got his own worksheet to “record his findings”, which was him saying random letters while writing scribbles. Even though he can’t write yet, I think it’s an important part of the process to teach him.


This is Jenna’s completed worksheet. She was having a tough day, so I helped her decide what to write, wrote it down, and let her copy my example. She had a hard time fitting all of the words on the page, so I may switch to a full page worksheet instead of the half-sheet that fits in her science notebook.

For our history lesson this week, Jenna learned about Leif Ericsson. After two days of learning about him, watching videos, and writing about him, I asked her who Leif Ericsson was and was met with a confused stare.

I offered her a multiple choice guess. Was Leif Ericsson an Eskimo, pirate, or viking? She decided that he was a pirate that discovered Hawaii.

It’s times like these that you just have to shake your head in disbelief and move on!


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