Fire Station Field Trip

When I was planning out our field trips for the year, I decided to make October our “Emergency Month”. This happened to be perfect planning, because after I emailed our local fire department about being able to do a field trip, I found out that Fire Safety Week happens to be the first full week in October!


We went to the Home Depot Kids’ workshop and the kids got to build fire trucks. The workshops are completely free and a lot of fun! You get an apron, building kit for the current project, and a metal pin to put on your apron for each project you complete. It’s a great way for kids to get experience with building (mostly hammering nails and using wood glue) while having fun.


Just don’t be surprised when your son wants to drive his truck out the store, crawling on hands and knees the entire way!


Our local fire department was willing to schedule us along with a preschool class that was taking a tour. The kids learned about how to safely exit a room, and then they watched a firefighter get dressed in his gear. The firemen did a great job showing the kids that they aren’t scary, and that they are there to help them.

The kids got to climb in a fire truck, watched a fire safety movie while having snacks, and brought home goody bags.


And the best part of all was getting to meet Smoky the Bear!


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