MFW – Week 2

This week felt a little light. I don’t know if it’s because we aren’t doing the Bible portion of the curriculum, or if it is just starting out gradually, but it worked well for us because we had a couple of sick days!


I wanted to really focus on map skills this week, so we took a trip over to my Grandparent’s property for some map-making practice. We pretended to be explorers discovering a new land and had to make a map of our discoveries. We brought a compass, snacks, and flashlights. The kids were really hoping to make it up to the “dark woods”, but our plans were thwarted with a potty accident and getting distracted at Grandma’s fish pond.


This is the map that Jenna made of our discoveries. The houses are all placed accurately, but she added some interesting landmarks like “old truck”. I try really hard to let her express her creativity even when it’s not what I would have it look like. I don’t want to look back through her projects years from now and see my work!


We also did this fun activity that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers. I splurged and bought the template for $2 because it was well worth my time to not create my own! I’m trying to help the kids understand the difference of city, state, country, etc. and I’m hoping this will help them associate it better. After they colored their circles, I cut them out and laminated them so they have a chance of surviving more than a day.


History and Science were intertwined this week. We learned about Christopher Columbus in History, and Science with Air (pages 2-3). We created boats (Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria) from tinfoil, straws, paper sails, and a blob of play-doh to hold up the sail.


Then we learned about how air is all around us and can also be used to push things around. I gave the kids straws to blow on their sails and make their boats “sail” across the water. It was a fun and easy project, and ended with them putting the straws in the water blowing bubbles and trying to tip their boats over!


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