MFW – Week 3

We did school for 5 days this week instead of just 4 because Cory had to go in to work on Monday. This week is a little lacking in spectacular ideas or projects. We spent our time working on “boring” subjects like Handwriting, English, and Math.

Jenna learned about John Smith in History this week, and it would have been fun to watch Pocahontas, but I was in the middle of potty training my youngest (stubbornest) child, and my brain totally forgot!


We did made time for our weekly science experiment though! We were learning about air that pushes, and did the “Upside-down trick”. You fill a plastic cup full of water and put a piece of cardboard on top. then you turn the cup upside-down and the cardboard should be held in place. The key is making sure there are no gaps between the cardboard and the cup. As you can see in the picture, we had gaps and water went splashing absolutely everywhere! We finally got it to work after a couple of tries though, and saw that the air pushes on the cardboard keeping it in place, making the water stay in the cup.

After the water experiment, we blew up balloons to demonstrate how they are floppy when there is no air inside, and then as we fill the balloon with air, the air pushes on the sides of the balloon making it expand.

So, not a lot to report on week 3, but to make up for it, I plan on doing extra projects next week!


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