MFW – Week 4

I should know better than to promise “I plan on doing extra projects next week!” We just finished up “next week” and I didn’t manage to fit in very many extra projects. That’s life though. While it makes for a little more dry reading on a blog post, I’m not doing school so I have something to blog about, rather, I’m blogging about what we do (or don’t do) at school.

We read the book North American Indians this week and then ran to Home Depot for some supplies to build a teepee!

I purchased three 2×2 boards for about $6 total. We used twine to tie them together at the top, and then draped/tied sheets over them. I even put down a plastic tablecloth on the ground inside because our grass was sopping wet from recent rains. The entire project was simple, cheap, and fun.

If you’re in the mood to spend a little more money, you could buy white sheets (or fabric) for the teepee and let the kids paint Native American designs on the outside.

We invited the neighbor kids to come over and play, and I knew they needed bows and arrows… I tied string to some flexible sticks, and then gave them sticks to use as “arrows”. Again, simple, cheap, and fun!

I wanted Jenna to do a small summary of what she learned about the Indians, so we copied the sheet from week 5 (pilgrims) and had her write a couple sentences.
In science we are studying stars and the universe. We had a perfect opportunity to take the kids out to a desert in Southern California to stargaze. They weren’t thrilled with me taking pictures with a bright flash, but I have to save our memories for when I’m old and forget everything!

Jenna was beyond excited to see her very first shooting star while we were there. I let Cory do most of the stargazing with them as it was FRIGID outside, and I kept imagining tarantulas crawling up my pant leg!

I didn’t realize how incredibly difficult it is to pick out constellations when you are able to see SO MANY stars!


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