Sheriff’s Office Field Trip

October “Safety Month” wouldn’t have been complete without taking a field trip to our local Sheriff’s Office!


The kids are already familiar with a lot of aspects of the Sheriff’s Office from visiting Cory at work, but I wanted to give them the opportunity to learn more.


Our first stop was the courtroom. The kids got a brief overview of what court is and how it works. They thought it was exciting to get to sit in the witness stand.

One of the reasons I wanted them to see the courtroom, is so that they have a better understanding of what we’re talking about when we tell them that their Dad is in court. They also got to see where I sat for jury duty, and I’m pretty sure they think it’s WAY more exciting than it really is!


After we explored the courtroom, we went down into the dungeon where the 911 call center is located. The kids spoke with a dispatcher and got to see where all the calls come in and how everyone does their jobs. She showed them how they would find our house on the map if we needed help, and reminded them why it’s important to only call in case of an emergency. For privacy reasons, we didn’t take any pictures inside, but waited until we were outside with our awesome gift bags that they gave us.

PicMonkey CollageCory taught the kids what fingerprints are and how everyone has unique designs. Then they used the fingerprint machine to see what their fingerprints looked like.


We made a stop by Cory’s office to say hi to all of his “work friends”. He has awesome co-workers and they SPOIL the kids like crazy.


After visiting the Sheriff’s Office, we went over to check out the SWAT stuff. Jenna was trying to lift the shield but it was too heavy for her.


The kids got to see how the robot works and what they use it for.

PicMonkey Collage2

Then they had a chance to drive it around. I’m not sure if they were having enough fun though…


It was a great field trip, and hopefully when the kids are older, they will understand how blessed they were to get the opportunity to do all of it!


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