MFW – Week 5

***Due to life, this post and a few following are being posted about a month late.

This week was a bit interesting… Not so much because of what we were studying, but how we studied. We started the week off at home like usual, and ended “car-schooling” for the remainder on our long road trip down to southern California.


We learned about the Pilgrims this week, and I didn’t have American Pioneers and Patriots in my curriculum because I bought it used. I was bummed that I couldn’t get it shipped to us before we left on vacation, and it wasn’t available for kindle. I did discover it was available in my Google Play Store while we were on vacation, so I was able to download it and read aloud on our trip home! We also watched The Story of Thanksgiving and The First Thanksgiving on YouTube. The kids loved them and wanted to watch them several times, but that could have been out of sheer boredom from driving for hours on end!

I also found little wooden pilgrims you color with markers at Hobby Lobby and they were a perfect educational distraction while driving home!


We only did MFW school during our drive and didn’t do any “official” schooling during the week while we were on vacation. Because we are studying the Pilgrims so close to Thanksgiving, I plan on skipping week 13 (Thanksgiving week) and just adding in crafts and activities as we have time. While staying on schedule isn’t necessary for us this year, I do want to try and stay disciplined and do our best to stay on track.

IMG_20151108_083945 - Copy.jpg

This entire week I kept marveling over how wonderful it is to be a homeschooling family. We are able to go on vacation whenever we feel like it, took a break from our regular curriculum, and let the kids learn from life experiences. They learned about nature through the Junior Ranger Program, experienced a foreign country and culture firsthand, learned why it’s important to help others, and just had a ton of fun!


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