MFW – Week 6

I am so glad I bought the American Pioneers and Patriots book because Jenna just can’t get enough of reading the stories together!

After reading this weeks story, we attempted to make butter like the pioneers.


We put our whipping cream into a small mason jar and then shook it. For a really long time. And had zero progress and very tired arms!

So… I used it as an opportunity to explain how we are so blessed to have things the pioneers didn’t have. Things such as electricity and a blender that turns whipped cream into butter in seconds!


After the butter was mixed, we poured off the watery stuff (buttercream?) and then stirred in a little bit of salt.


I’m not sure why the kids are both making ridiculous faces in this picture because they both loved the butter!

This week seemed a little on the light side as far as the curriculum went. If you are doing all of the suggested subjects by MFW,  you might not agree. We aren’t doing what MFW suggests for Bible, Music, Art, or Read Alouds, so that makes a difference.

We also didn’t do the yeast experiment for science. I was really disappointed to not do this one because I think the kids would have really loved it, but I kept forgetting to buy yeast at the store, and life kept moving along. I have it written in my planner in case we get to a slow week we can squeeze it in later.

I’m hoping by the time the kids graduate high school I’ll worry less about skipping activities in their curriculum!


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