Nehalem Bay

IMG_20150905_191647610This past September we took our annual Labor Day weekend camping trip to Nehalem Bay. It’s always a tricky weekend to camp on the coast because it inevitably rains, but trailer camping makes it easy!IMG_20151217_161618.jpgI’ve been camping here since I was a baby, so this campground holds a lot of fond memories for me. And as a side note… I know it was the eighties, but what was my mom thinking when she gave me that haircut?!IMG_20150904_172501313_HDRIt’s a great campground to go to with the beach just a short walk over the dunes, crabbing in the bay, hiking, and shopping in cute little towns.

We camped in the E loop the past two years, but next year I plan on staying in the A,B, or C loop because they have a better playground for younger kids. Even if you aren’t close to a playground, there are beach trees (I don’t know what they’re really called) that the kids love climbing.PicMonkey CollageWe met some new friends from the campsite next to us last year, and thanks to Facebook, we were able to stay connected and book campsites somewhat close again this year. The kids love having friends to play with and they are such a sweet, fun family!IMG_20150904_193658096We don’t bring a lot of toys when we go camping, because as you can see, the kids find entertainment in the simplest of objects!

We did bring bikes because they spend HOURS riding back and forth in front of our campsite.IMG_20150904_195359098There had been a fire-ban in the campground since August because of our extremely dry summer this year. There seemed to be no end in sight, so we didn’t pack any firewood or s’mores ingredients. The first evening we were there, the rangers came around to let us know the ban had been lifted! My mom had a bag of mini marshmallows stowed away in her trailer, so we had some unique marshmallow roasting the first night.IMG_20150904_165759808The ocean was a short 5 minute walk from our campsite. The sand dunes work well to protect the campsites from the ocean winds, but you still get the wonderful sound of the ocean to lull you to sleep at night.IMG_20150905_111628149_HDRWe left the kids with my mom for a couple of hours one day and hiked to the top of Neahkahnie mountain. It’s a great little hike, but too long for the kids, and it was incredibly foggy so we didn’t get to enjoy the view of the ocean.PicMonkey CollageNo trip to the Oregon coast would be complete without stopping by the Tillamook Cheese Factory! Labor day weekend is probably the craziest weekend to go, but we braved the crowds. It’s always fun to watch the workers packaging the cheese and wonder if we might be watching one of the very blocks we will buy later in the store.PicMonkey CollageThe best part of visiting the factory is going through the cheese sample line and then enjoying an ice cream cone!IMG_20150906_100743026_TOPIt wouldn’t be a traditional Labor Day weekend without a bit of stormy weather! Cory took the kids out onto the jetty and they tried to not get blown away.connorCamping with kids is always an adventure… Connor made his own “breakfast” the last morning of our camping trip.PicMonkey CollageClimbing sand dune “mountains”, flying kites, building sand castles, searching for seashells, and playing in the freezing ocean. The beach holds endless opportunities to keep everyone busy. It’s no wonder this campground has been a family favorite for so many years!


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