MFW – Week 7

This week was another example of me ignoring activities in my teacher’s manual and doing other random and fun things. We did week 7 during Thanksgiving week, so making play-dough and homemade bread were very low on my list of things to do this week!


I did an experiment with the kids to show them how water and oil won’t mix. We colored the water blue, then added oil and stirred it around. They were able to see the oil rise to the top of the water instead of staying mixed in. I cannot for the life of me remember why we did this experiment though! It wasn’t in my manual, and I’m not even confident we did it this week. I am so well organized. Ha ha!


With it being Thanksgiving week, I decided it was a perfect time to do our Indian Corn experiment! We bought this corn when we went to the pumpkin patch in October and had been using it as a table decoration.


I showed the kids how to take the kernels off, and we kept them separated into the three different kinds.

After separating them, I attempted to pop them in our popcorn popper to see if they would pop, and if so, how they would taste.

The red corn popped the best and the corn that was primarily yellow made a lot of noise in the popper, but the kernels were barely cracked open. The corn did have a slightly different taste than traditional popcorn.


And just for fun, I made a batch of kettle corn to snack on while we watched a movie!


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