WorldMark Resort – Indio, CA

Cory and I aren’t members of the WorldMark timeshare, but we had the opportunity to stay at their resort in Indio, California for a week this last November. I’m not a fan of pushy salespeople, so I always get nervous when I have to deal with them (and timeshares are usually FULL of them!). I was pleasantly surprised to find the staff very helpful and not overly pushy. Perhaps it was because we arrived late in the evening, or perhaps that’s how they always are. Either way, it worked for me!


The very first thing the kids wanted to do when we arrived was go swimming. Since we got there after their bedtime, they had to wait until morning, and it was agonizing for them!


The pool and lazy river were just below our balcony so I was able to enjoy my breakfast outside while watching the kids swim with Cory in the early morning.


I loved the pool set-up at the resort. There was a regular swimming pool, a small lazy river, and a kiddie pool. The kiddie pool was quite large and one side had a sloped edge that looked like a sandy beach going into the water. There is also a shade cover that is over part of the pool to help reduce the amount of sun exposure the kids get. Of course I failed to get any close-up pictures because I was too busy relaxing while the kids splashed around having fun! (you can kind of see the kiddie pool in the distance)

Travelling in the off season is always my favorite thing to do. The pool was empty almost every time we went swimming. Most of the people at the resort were older (fifty and above) and we only saw about five other kids the entire time we were there, which meant not having to share any of the kid areas!


There was a small playground close to our room that the kids loved to play on. It also had a shade cover over the top. While it’s not quite as necessary in November, my fair-skinned children appreciated the extra amount of protection from the sun!


Our last night there we braved the “chilly” evening temperatures and went swimming in the dark in the lazy river. The kids thought it was the best thing ever to get to swim at night, and I was thrilled I didn’t have to coat them an inch thick in sunblock before heading to the pool!


There are plenty of activities to do around Indio and Palm Springs when you get tired of laying around by the pool. We aren’t golfers, so we didn’t visit any of the countless golf courses. However, we did stop by the street market in Palm Springs.


We found some delicious local fruit while we were there!

Besides shopping and eating, we visited Joshua Tree National Park, took a day trip to Mexico, and hiked Ladder Canyon. There are also many options of theme parks nearby such as Disneyland, Legoland, etc. but we’re saving those for when the kids are a bit older.


The rooms have kitchens in them, so we bought groceries and had several meals at the resort to cut down on the cost of eating out. Eating on the balcony in the middle of November is rarely done at home, but it was wonderful here!


…And of course you have to stop at In-N-Out Burger at least once a day….





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