MFW – Week 9

I was thankful to start learning about George Washington this week so I could clear a few things up for Jenna. I overheard her talking to Connor about a week ago…

“Connor, did you know that the man who owns the entire United States of America died!?”

He was thoroughly uninterested and unimpressed (as any 3 year old should be). I kept trying to figure out who she was talking about, so I asked her. She informed me that George Washington, “our old president” owned the whole United States but he died. Considering she’s only 5 years old, I think it’s an accomplishment that she even knows who George Washington is!

In science we learned about the seasons and we were supposed to draw a tree with the current season. I feel like we do this activity every year, so to make it a little different, I taught the kids how to make paper snowflakes instead. As you can see, Connor wasn’t very thrilled at first.

In the end, they both loved making the snowflakes and I loved having a simple project to do. There is also a great SciShow Kids video on youtube on how to make six sided snowflakes that we watched but haven’t tried yet.


Spelling lessons have been a little bit dry and boring, so this week I poured salt into a baking sheet and let Jenna write her spelling words in it. She thought it was the greatest thing ever and was super excited to practice her spelling. It’s amazing how making a small effort on my part really helps with her attitudes about certain tasks.



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