Family Mission Trip – We made it!

We flew out of Portland Sunday night (January 30th) and traveled through the night catching glimpses of sleep when possible. We arrived in St. Croix about 17 hours later (4:30pm February 1st)


We had a layover in Puerto Rico and an adventure down an escalator that led outside resulting in a fun trip back through the security gates!

When we arrived in St. Croix we were met by one of the YWAM staff and made the long six minute drive back to the base. It’s such an odd experience driving here because everyone owns American cars (with the steering wheel on the left) but they drive on the left hand side of the road! I panic every time oncoming traffic comes towards us because I keep thinking they’re in our lane.

We arrived at the base and dropped off our luggage in our new home. I feel spoiled because we ended up in a single-wide trailer that has a kitchen, bathroom, and three rooms to sleep in!


The base had 5 acres for the kids to explore, and it’s completely fenced in. Their favorite place to play is the sugar mill.

As soon as our luggage hit the floor, I was off and running. I met with the leaders for the NIKO program and jumped right in. Jet-lagged and sleep deprived made an interesting start to my trip, but God gave me an extra amount of grace and I powered through!

NIKO ran from Monday through Saturday. So, while I was serving as staff on the NIKO, Cory and the kids stayed on the base. I have only been back a few hours now and haven’t quite had time to fully catch up on their adventures here. As time allows, I will post more about this week later.

The island is beautiful and the weather is amazing. We have all been settling in quite well and our first week went better than we had hoped. Please continue to pray for us while we are here. I injured my hip during NIKO and have a rash on all of my skin that was exposed to the sun this week that is quite itchy and bothersome, so prayers for healing would be especially appreciated!




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