St. Croix – Ministry (Part 2)

The YWAM base has an ongoing ministry with a housing project on the island called Paradise Mills. Tuesday is the fun day and it’s spent playing with the kids, singing silly songs, and just showing them love and speaking encouragement and life to them. The staff also visit on Wednesdays to provide tutoring to the kids.

Jenna and Connor were able to come with us during this ministry time and played with the kids. Connor was pretty confused most of the time because the kids had very thick island accents and were hard to understand. Jenna was a little timid around the kids, but she met a little girl she liked right before we had to leave.

A lot of these kids come from rough and even abusive homes. This is such an important ministry that the YWAM base does here, and they have forged great relationships with these kids. They really need a church group to come down in the summer to run a VBS for the kids. *hint hint*


We had prayer and worship time in the city of Christiansted. This week we went to an area right off of the water where people pass by often. It was a beautiful setting and gave opportunities to talk to curious passerbys about the reason we are here.


I was able to work with a group from the base to help local people from Clean Up St. Croix. They are a volunteer group that is trying to clean up the city. The heavy rains cause a lot of dirt to flow down into the streets, so we were tasked with cleaning all of the debris from the street around a city block.


We started with an empty dumpster and had it filled before we left! The volunteer group was amazed because they had expected around 5 people to come help, and we brought close to 30 people! It was hard work in the sun and heat, but so completely rewarding.

The kids have been busy helping as well. They love getting to go down to the chickens to help “Miss Vanessa” feed them and gather eggs.


They have been helping in other ways too. The other day I came in after finishing a job outside, only to find Jenna had taken it upon herself to wash the dishes from lunch. They have learned the routines here at the base and are eager to help whenever they can.

All in all we ended up having quite a full week!





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