MFW – Week 11


This week we started studying the individual states and I plan on slowing down our pace just a bit so we can have more time to devote to each state. For each state, while she colors the state bird and state flower on the student sheet, I read her the state facts.


In an effort to introduce Jenna to being able to find information, I created a worksheet for each state. She has to use the internet, her flashcards, and her MFW student page to find the answers.

We have been visiting the site for information and videos on the different states, but it is an incredibly difficult website to search. The easiest way to find the state is to google “ (space) state name”. When you can find the page you are looking for, it’s worth the effort! We are also experimenting with using google’s new kid-specific search page called Kiddle as it is a safer alternative than Google.


I am trying to do a “state snack” for each state we study, and this week we had peaches and strawberries with granola and yogurt to celebrate Delaware. It was a big hit!

Science was all about water this week. We did the experiment in the book where you put a teaspoon of water on a plate and test different items to see which one absorbs the most water. We used a tissue, receipt, and a washcloth for our experiment.


We also did a “water walking” experiment that they really enjoyed. Basically anything that has the potential to be messy is a hit in our house!


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