Water Walking


Today we studied how water can travel. The kids know that water almost always flows down because of gravity, but today’s experiment showed them that water can also move up!

Before we started the activity, I printed out this worksheet for the kids to record their results.


We filled two glasses with water and added blue food coloring to one and yellow to the other. I then put a paper towel leading from the outside glasses to the inside glass. If I were to do this again, I would fill the glasses a bit fuller as it took quite some time for the water to soak up the towels and into the middle glass.


I forgot to take a picture of our end result, but the water “walks” up the paper towels and then drips into the center glass. Coloring the water blue and yellow makes the water in the center turn green, so the kids can see that water from each glass made it to the center.


Here are the final reports on the experiment. I asked Connor what to write and wrote it down for him. It’s the first time he’s actually made a prediction for an experiment and he tried really hard to color. I’m thrilled with the progress he’s made so far this year! Jenna did her worksheet without any help. I don’t mind spelling errors during science at this age as my main goal is to encourage her to be more independent in some of her work. As long as I can understand the point she is making, I let the errors stay.


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