Jenna’s Book

When Jenna found out we were going to St. Croix to do missions work, she asked if she could make a book to tell people about Jesus. It seemed like a great idea, and she could also learn about the steps I usually take when writing books.


After I know what my book will be about, I always plan it out similarly to the picture above. I draw “pages” and then fill them in. When I write, I will just put an idea of what will be written, but because Jenna was the author, I wrote exactly what would be on the page. Then I drew the first sketch to show her how to draw a quick simple picture so you know what to plan.

In the notes section, we wrote down main ideas that she wanted to cover in her book. Then I used the space to give her some illustration tips. The first tip was to not color things in with her pencil, but to only draw the outlines and color with her colored pencils later. The second tip was showing her to draw a large picture that takes up the entire page instead of a tiny picture in the center.

After we brainstormed, I had her draw the illustrations in pencil and then color them. The lines were a bit light, so I traced over them with a marker to make them really stand out. The biggest struggle is to do it EXACTLY as it was drawn and not make any changes or improvements to keep it her work.

After all the pages were ready, I pasted them onto card-stock and laminated them for durability. Here is the finished product!


Sweet and to the point.


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