St Croix – Time Off!

I just realized I neglected to write about our free days while we were in St. Croix!


The two Sundays that we were on the island, one of the YWAM families were gracious enough to take us to church with them. It is such an adventure to visit new churches and it seems like it never fails… The first time you ever visit a church, there is bound to be a guest speaker that day!

We were able to witness a couple of baptisms, visit Sunday school classes, and met new people. We also got to see a scuffle when a centipede happened to crawl on a gal a couple of rows up from us during worship. After that, I made sure to sit on the edge of my seat and was VERY aware of my surroundings!

Friends and fish tacos… A great way to spend your Sunday! The first week we stopped by the grocery store on the way home from church and discovered our new favorite snacks… Lemon cookies and coconut biscuits. The second week after church we joined friends and went out to eat lunch. Then we spent the rest of our day relaxing at the base.

One evening we were able to go to a festival called “Jump Up” that is held in the streets of Christiansted only four times a year. We listened to steel drum bands, ate snow-cones, watched the Mocko Jumbies dance, and just enjoyed the festivities.

We were also able to attend their annual Agriculture Fair. We were only there a couple of hours which was barely enough time to eat lunch and let the kids choose one activity to do. They chose the bouncy slide which was a complete disaster. They are both somewhat afraid of heights and they were scared to go down the slide… And they had waited in line for almost a half an hour to do it! It made for a great but painful learning experience.

There were plenty of delicious and unique food to sample at the fair. We had our fill of Johnny cakes, benye, meat pies, and fried chicken. My favorite part of visiting new places is trying new foods! The interesting thing at the fair was the gigantic amount of cake being sold. Apparently it must be a favorite fair food because there were cake booths everywhere!


Our last Saturday on the island was a completely free day for us. After calling every single rental car place and finding no available cars, we were starting to despair, but in an answer to prayer, one of the staff offered to let us use his truck for the day!

Cory had his first experience of driving on the left hand side of the road. My job was to be the navigator and to yell at him if he forgot to stay left. I only had one moment of panic and yelling “left left left left left!” and as it turns out, I am a horrendous navigator. Cory was very patient with me as I had to keep telling him to make u-turns because we went the wrong way!


We started the morning out at Protestant Cay because the water is very gentle and perfect for kids. Jenna had her first experience snorkeling and loved it. She was swimming like crazy trying to catch a sea turtle but it was just too fast for her.


After about half of our day spent on the beach and then we took the little ferry boat back to town for some delicious lunch. (Jenna was super excited about something she saw on the wall.)

After lunch we did touristy things like shopping, eating snow cones, and feeding pizza to the wild roosters (the pizza was donated to the kids for that purpose by a local Crucian).

We drove to another beach so we could go snorkeling some more, but the surf happened to be really rough. So, Cory risked his life and attempted to snorkel in the giant waves while I stayed behind and built sandcastles with the kids.

We ended the evening with dinner at a little restaurant that was right on the beach. The food was decent, but the location was spectacular.


So there is a small snapshot of our free time that we had while in St. Croix. It’s always important to take a little time off for family time and to enjoy the culture and the country you are visiting.



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