Dozer Day

Last year we took the kids to Dozer Day at the Clark County Fairgrounds for the first time. Since then, every time we drive by on the freeway, Connor asks when we get to go again. Dozer Day is held every year on the third weekend of May, and I’m  not exaggerating when I tell you that I put the next year’s event in our calendar almost as soon as we are driving away.


I was hoping the threat of it being a rainy day today would keep some of the crowd away, but it wasn’t to be… It takes more than a few raindrops to scare away people in the Northwest!

I purchase my tickets in advance online because it’s cheaper than buying them the day of. It’s also easier to avoid the lines at will call and have them mailed to you. The tickets aren’t cheap, it cost us about $41 for our family of four, plus $6 parking. It is so completely worth it though. We could easily spend that much money just eating dinner out, and that buys us an entire day of fun!


The most popular area is near the grandstands where there are rows of excavators and bulldozers to drive. It was well organized but be prepared for LONG lines. We arrived at the event about 30 minutes before the gates opened (I HIGHLY recommend doing this) and waited in line outside. Once inside, we headed directly to this area and didn’t have a horribly long wait. Later in the day I spoke to a lady who said they arrived when the gates opened and had to wait in line for 2 hours!


After the kids each had a turn on the excavator and bulldozer, we had a short lunch break. I brought our own lunches, but they have several food vendors selling everything from pizza and gyros to corndogs and turkey legs.

When lunch was finished, we headed over to the paved area where all of the vendors, games, and more trucks and adventures are. One of the kids’ favorite activities is crawling through the tunnels. There are also giant tires and a big sand pit to dig in. Between the mud and the sand, make sure you bring extra clothes for the kids!

There are garbage trucks that you get to push a button and dump the trash can into, firetrucks and ambulances to explore, cement trucks to sit in, and so much more.


Many vendors have games or activities for the kids. There was a beanbag toss, coloring area, and button making booth to name a few. We ended up bringing home a bag full of stuff. Stickers, tattoos, toy dump trucks, sand shovels, mini hand sanitizers, and even a cutting board!

There is also a scavenger hunt where you collect stickers to put on your hard hat throughout the day at different areas and then you can earn a prize.

If you don’t feel like waiting in the long lines in the grandstand area, they have smaller machines up in the paved area that are just as much fun. The kids loved digging in the small sand piles just as much and the lines were much shorter!


The best ride of all has to be the steam roller. The kids get to be buckled up in the seat by themselves and drive it on their own (with the operator right next to them for safety). Connor was very serious about it after he was done and told me “I can’t drive a car mommy, but I know how to drive a steamroller”. I’m pretty sure he is imagining that he can just keep one at home now and drive it down to the store whenever he needs to go somewhere!

This is a great adventure for the family and I highly recommend it!


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