Point No Point

During our mini-vacation to Bainbridge Island, the kids and I drove down to Point No Point to do a little exploration.


The lighthouse was pretty, but it wasn’t open, so we just peeked in the windows.


The kids had to stop and smell the roses! The beginning of the trail went through a wall of wild rose bushes on either side of us and the fragrance was amazing.


The trail then led up a long steep staircase that was bordered on both sides by stinging nettles! Amazingly enough, the kids managed to not get stung from them once the entire hike.


The trail was easy to hike on and ended at a parking area/trailhead. I tried to get a nice picture of the kids by the sign… The first one Jenna was pushing Connor away because she didn’t want him standing on her side. This picture is him being horrified because there were spiders on that side of the sign and he didn’t want to be by them. This is life with kids.

So, after our failed attempt at a picture, we retraced our steps and went back on the trail towards the beach.


Along the beach were several little forts that people had built. Some were in great condition like this one, and others were falling down, so you want to be careful when exploring them.


It was a bit windy out on the point, but that didn’t stop us from exploring! It was a fun but short hike. We only hiked 1.45 miles and that included our time roaming around the beach. Even though the hike took less time than I had anticipated, we had a great time exploring a new place.




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