Traveling to St. Croix

We started our journey to St. Croix Sunday evening by driving away from the house, and then returning two separate times as I remembered items that we forgot to grab. On our way to the airport, we stopped to enjoy dinner with my parents and I was really challenged in being able to trust God. I’m a worrier by nature, and not super fond of flying. But more than that, as we were eating, I was continually checking the news for updates on the protest that was happening at the airport. I continued seeing posts stating that protesters were blocking all entrances to the airport, things were getting violent, and at one point, “cops are shooting with rubber bullets”. I was certain our trip would be off to a rough start. So, I prayed, and I sent out a request for prayer on our Facebook page. Roughly twenty minutes later, there was a post that the protesters were leaving and when we arrived, we were met with a calm, quiet little airport.


We went to check in the four bags that we brought with us, and I discovered the credit card I needed to be able to check them in for free was not in my wallet! On top of it all, there was some mix up with my airline flyer code and I was certain I was going to have to fork over $100 (each way) to get our bags checked. The airline employee was diligent in helping me and we were finally able to get it worked out! We went through security with no problem, and our gate just happened to be right next to the indoor playground.


We were just starting our journey, but already so many prayers had been answered. We flew from Portland, OR to Charlotte, NC. Had a bit of breakfast during our layover and sampled some of Bojangles’ chicken and dirty rice. Then we flew into St. Thomas in the USVI.


We had plenty of time to eat some extremely overpriced lunch and look for coconuts in the palm trees before catching our last flight to St. Croix.


Our last flight was only 15 minutes long, and after roughly 20 hours of travelling, we finally made it to St. Croix! The kids were excellent travelers, and everything worked out perfectly for us.  


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