Back to Work

Tuesday was our first full day at the base, and we spent the morning catching up on some much needed sleep, and then walking down to the store to pick up some supplies for our apartment. As soon as we were in the store, I was reminded of how extremely expensive it is to buy anything on the island. I was also thankful for our church and everyone who donated money to our trip, because we raised more than I had anticipated, and it looks like God knew that my calculations were probably WAY off for what we would spend while here.

When we were somewhat settled in, Cory dove right into fixing the network infrastructure. He soon discovered it was going to be a bigger job than he had first anticipated. We have ordered some new supplies since he started working on it, and may need to buy even more before the job is completed.


I had the opportunity to do ministry with some of the kids from Paradise Mills Tuesday evening. These are kids that are living in the projects on the island. They have shown an interest in knowing Jesus more, and so they get to come to the YWAM base once a month for a program called Kingdom Builders. We started the night off with a couple worship songs, and then the kids watched a skit performed by some of the volunteers here at the base.


The skit showed several people saying hateful things to someone, and each time they did, they would hang a sign around his neck proclaiming him to be stupid, ugly, etc. Then, an actor portraying Jesus came and took all of his signs and placed them upon himself. As he spoke positive words to the person, he turned each sign around proclaiming him to be smart, beautiful, and worthy.

The night’s lesson was about how things people say to us can have such an impact, but how can we recognize who God has made us and not let ourselves believe the lies. I was given the opportunity to share a testimony with the kids about a time in my life when I believed something that I was told, and how God was able to change me and show me the truth about who He created me to be.

We then broke into small groups and had a discussion and prayer time with the kids, and then went outside to draw a picture of something that God says we are.


I had a great time working with the kids, but sometimes it was a challenge  Some of the kids have VERY thick island accents and are very hard to understand!

YWAM base in the evening

We had a great first day and will continue to give updates as much as we can!


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