A Typical Day

Most of our days follow the same structure, and depending on the day of the week, will have some different ministry opportunities added in.

The kids slept in the very first morning we were here… and now they’re up with the roosters.


We eat breakfast at our house each day and rotate through granola with yogurt, pancakes, and french toast. I wouldn’t mind some bacon once and a while, but sometimes you just have to sacrifice. Ha ha!

As you can see, the kitchen is somewhat lacking in supplies, so we make do without measuring cups, mixing bowls, etc.


After breakfast, Cory goes up to the YWAM base and spends the day working on the Network. Running wires, mounting hardware, and doing computer-y things.


The kids spend time each morning working on their schoolwork. They are learning about fish and oceans this week. The kids that live here at the YWAM base are also homeschooled, so mornings are devoted to school for everyone.


After school is done, we take our daily walk up to the YWAM base. There is very little traffic on the road and it’s a nice little walk.


We eat lunch and dinner at the YWAM base and every meal is DELICIOUS! As you can see, there isn’t a shortage of kids to play with at the base right now!


When the meal is finished, each person is responsible for cleaning their plates and putting them in the racks to be taken to the kitchen. The kids are really good about making sure they wash their plates when they are done eating.


After lunch, if there isn’t anything the kids can help with, they get to run off and play with their friends. The sugar mill is one of their favorite spots, and they also love the tree swings, tree fort, and chickens. The base is completely fenced in, and they know they aren’t allowed to leave without us, so they are able to play independently while Cory and I help out with other projects.


When families come to the base to help as Mission Builders, the base only assigns jobs to one parent at a time because they understand that someone needs to care for the kids as well. Since Cory is tasked with the networking job while we’re here, my primary job is taking care of our family. Since our kids are fairly independent now, I have been picking up odd jobs to help out with in the afternoons. I try to help him with re-wiring as much as possible.

When Cory doesn’t need my help, I search for other things to do to be helpful. Many of the jobs I get are the odds and ends that don’t take long, but always get pushed to the side in the day to day workings. I moved a giant pile of broken up boxes filled with trash bags. Connor helped me smash some of the boxes. I re-numbered the doors of some apartments that were out of order, and marked keys.

In the midst of our manual labor, we also have scheduled opportunities to join in with the various ministries the base runs on the island each week. But we’ll save that for another post!






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