Weekly Ministries

During our time at St Croix we had the opportunity to join in with a few of the ministries that the YWAM base does on a weekly basis.


On Monday mornings, all of the staff, students, and families at the YWAM base meet together for a time of worship. It’s a great way to come together and start each week off focusing on why we are there.

Tuesday and Friday mornings are spent at the Lighthouse Mission. There is a clothes closet where the homeless are able to come once a week to pick out clothes, shoes, and toiletries that they are in need of. They are also served breakfast while they listen to a short devotional.

Tuesday afternoons are spent with the kids at Paradise Mills. Paradise Mills is a housing project on the island, and the YWAM base spends time playing with the kids and just simply loving them. At the end of their playtime, they circle around to listen to a short Bible lesson.


One of the temporary ministries that the visiting Kona DTS team has provided to the St. Croix base is “date night”. Every Tuesday night they babysit all of the kids that live on base allowing the missionary moms and dads to get a night off. They do all sorts of fun activities with the kids like playing games and having movie nights.


Every other week, homeschool families on the island get together at the YWAM base for PE classes. The kids divide up between the older kids and younger and do activities together.

On Friday afternoon, they bus in the kids from Paradise Mills to the YWAM base to do skate and dance. They have skateboards and ramps outside and have dance class inside. It’s another great opportunity to work towards building strong relationships with the kids and providing a good influence.


And my favorite ministry that the base provides daily… The kitchen ministry. The food at this YWAM base is amazing and delicious. They take the extra time and effort to make sure kitchen duties aren’t just a chore, but a ministry, and it shows. Everybody helps out through the week to either prepare meals or clean up afterwards.


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