About Endlessly Unfinished


I started this little blog 5 months ago, and haven’t been able to write my “about me” page yet. I really do want people to know who I am, but it’s impossible to figure out how to describe myself in a few little paragraphs without being boring! So I’ll stick to the basics…

That’s me in the middle. In the grey hat that my husband thinks is absolutely ridiculous. However, if I don’t wear it, I turn into a giant red lobster because my skin allows me two color options: very white (with freckles) or red. I would have chosen a better family picture, but I realized I don’t have one. I should really work on getting one to replace the family “selfie”. Ugh!

My husband (Cory) is obviously the guy on the left. He’s a good guy. He’s super supportive of whatever crazy ideas I come up with and has this ability to keep me sane.

The two kids on the right are ours. They have the ability to try and drive me insane sometimes. I stay at home with them, so we are together A LOT. I am super blessed by it, but there are most definitely times when I crave conversation with another adult!

I started this blog as a way to share what we’re doing. I wanted a place to encourage others to do things like hiking and camping, and also a place to express myself a little.

And that’s about it!


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