MFW – Week 10

We took two weeks off from school for Christmas break, and it happened to be while we were right in the middle of week 10. The beginning of the week went great, but when we came back to review and continue learning, the amount of information that was forgotten was astounding!


This was about all I could drag out of Jenna for a summary. It was painful. Coming back from break is always a little bit rough though.


We did take the time to make quill pens and that was  a fun activity! I used the slotted spoon to strain the strawberries from the juice because my small mesh strainer disappeared after being used as a sifter in the sandbox. Once you just have the juice from the berries, you add 1 teaspoon of salt and vinegar.

I happened to have brightly colored feathers tucked away in my “random items” box. I knew they would be useful someday! I cut the tips off at an angle and the kids dipped their “pens” in the “ink” and practiced writing like they did in the “olden days”. They asked if that was how their Great-grandma Pugh had to write when she was little… I’m just glad they didn’t ask if that’s how I wrote when I was a kid!


Jenna drew a Chinese lady, pretend Chinese writing, and the real Chinese symbol for love. Connor drew something… I’m just happy he gave it a good ten minutes of drawing before getting bored.


We have been watching Kung Fu Panda quite a bit in our house lately, so Jenna asked if we could practice writing in Chinese. I would google the symbol for the word she wanted and then draw it and she would copy what I drew. Considering she was drawing with a feather pen and berry ink, I think she did a pretty impressive job! (My symbols are on the left and hers are on the right)

I’m glad we took the time to do this activity because it turned out to be really fun for everyone!


Flower Pounding

My brilliant project for today was to do “flower pounding”. Hammers + flowers could only = a beautiful project!IMG_20150918_154235783_HDR

We gathered a variety of flowers from the garden, a few hammers, paper napkins, and some printer paper.


The process is fairly simple. Place a flower (or leaf) on the paper, cover with a napkin, and pound it until you start to see the print through the napkin. Just be cautious of little fingers and let them pound away to their heart’s content!


This project was a MAJOR Pinterest fail for us! The kids had a ton of fun, but the result was a lot of blobby looking colors on paper. None that resembled flowers whatsoever!


Here are our final projects… Not exactly worthy of framing! I think it’s important to share all of our projects, even the failures. However, I am beginning to notice that any project that uses flowers seems to always be a big flop for us!